About Us

We have introduced a facility where your staff, your mentors and your tutors can work with your students using our online platform, lessons, content and virtual classrooms. This is a perfect resource for students who are school refusers, demotivated, vulnerable, school phobic, long-term sick, distance learners and students with mental health issues.

Your students will benefit from being taught by your teachers – whom they know and trust – in our virtual classroom. Each programme of learning can be tailored to each individual student’s needs and capabilities. Our unique safeguarding tools have been developed with these students in mind to give educators the best opportunity to deliver lessons to off-site students whilst monitoring their behaviour and safety. All virtual lessons can be streamed live for teacher viewing and are also recorded, automatically backed up and exported daily to your establishment, to ensure safeguarding all round.



The Virtual Classroom enables you to:

  • view the students’ learning live via a secure server stream, bringing everything in-house
  • chat face-to-face
  • view their learning progress, offer mentoring, support and assistance
  • view actual live answers
  • mentor students via a secure verbal chat or written chat
  • set a structured pathway for any individual in a timetable path so that mentors and support workers can assist learners


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