EDSeat is a facility where your staff, your mentors and your tutors can work with your learners throughout your authority using our online platform, lessons, content and virtual classroom.

This is a perfect resource for students who are school refusers, demotivated, vunerable, school phobia, long term sick and distance learners.

Your staff and our staff work with your students to give them support and assistance online whilst following a personalised learning pathway.

Within EDSeat our qualified teachers work with your teachers, using our online platform and our virtual classrooms to educate the students at your provision. EDSeat can give education providers the opportunity to combat staff timetable clashes and staff absence by providing an online specialist – on demand.

A Virtual Classroom for Local Authorities – sheffield model

 To identify how our approach can impact those most vulnerable learners and positively break barriers to learning

How the Student System works

Sheffield Inclusion began using the EDSeat Virtual Classroom approach for a support mechanism for reaching a range of students within and outside of school.

EDSeat is still being used to specifically target those hard to reach students, using your own staff, mentors and support staff to educate learners in any situation.

See how EDSeat was tailor made for Sheffield Inclusion Centre

Springwell Lincolnshire approached us to use our EDSeat portal because they wanted to be able to have a Virtual Classroom available to all students throughout the large and rural county of Lincolnshire.

Distances and travel between the students for staff was a great concern as they could not get to see every one. They wanted to use EDSeat where their staff and mentors can have access to offer Live teaching and support to those students under their care which are not attaining mainstream education.


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